How to use Xender in Jio Phone - How to block number in Jio Phone

How to use Xender in Jio Phone

Hello, folks welcome to our blog in which we always try to get you to interact with the latest tech news. And today we are available with a new awesome tech news for all of our readers. This article is about jio phone and how to use Xender in jio phone. Guys, as we can see that the most using phone in every home is Jio Phone which is getting popular day by day because of its reliability and affordable price.

Jio phone is the only device that everyone wants to use in their home because it is very affordable and the most important thing is that it can use by anyone lie if you have someone elder in your home who is not able to use the smartphone then the best option is Jio phone.

Jio phone is the value of money and it is more reliable. At the price point of 1500RS, it offers brilliant features like mp3 music, video, camera, and internet. No other brand has launched this much effective phone at this price of the point. That’s why Jio phone is able to get more popularity than anyone else.

Now, guys, below in this article we are going to tell you that how you can use xender app in your JIo Phone. Here are the steps by which you can use xender app in your Jio Phone:

First of all guys, you need an Android device in which xender is already installed.

Now open xender app in that Android device.

Now go to your profile or right swipe. There you will see an interface with a different option.

You have to find and tap on “More”.

Then you will see an option connect to pc, tap on it.

Now, you have to create the hotspot.

Now go to your jio phone settings.

Go to wifi, and connect with that xender hotspot that you have made in android device.

Now visit to your internet browser and click on enter url.

Then you have to visit on url that mentioned in that android phone xender app.

Now after that you will receive a pop up in your android screen.

Accept it and then your both devices are connected to each other.

Now you can share file from your android device to jio phone device easily and quickly!

That’s it!


How to block number in Jio Phone

GO to your Home Screen and tap on the JioSecurity app.

Now swipe to get Device screen.

You will see an option of ‘Call Blocking’.

If you want to block calls and messages from all the unknown numbers tap on ‘Block all unknown callers’.

To block any number tap on the bottom-right corner, tap the ‘+’ sign.

Now you can select a contact from the Call Log or Contacts list and then tap on ‘OK’ to confirm.

If you want to block any unknown number then type the number and the name, and then tap on Block. Tap ‘OK’ to confirm.

That’s it, guys!