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About Alertswiss App

Alertswiss is a mobile app published by the Federal Office for Civil Protection to help you plan for and remain safe in an emergency situation.  The app brings together important information on precautionary and disaster response and emergency situations.

It is like an information hub to protect and save lives. With the help of this app, you can get alerts, warnings, and information in real time. Alertswiss app sends you to push notifications on the incident including reliable tips and instructions on how to yourself and your family. So you are always prepared to exactly and immediately take action. The app also lets you to customize the type of information you get. All these reports will be displayed on your smart phone’s home screen like cantons where your family or friends stay.

You get push notifications for not only your preferred cantons but also you can make push notifications for your current location. But first of all, you have to authorize the Alertswiss app to determine the location. All reports and information for both your current location and your preferred cantons will be displayed directly on your mobile’s home screen, once you activate the location services. There are also maps which show clearly which areas are being affected by the ongoing incident.

Alertswiss App Download

How to Download Alertswiss App

The Alertswiss app can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The app is compatible with iOS, iPhone, and iPad as well as for Android devices like Smartphone and Tablet. The app being a project of Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP) has set itself the goal of informing people on new channels about disasters and emergencies. Very few people know how to face a disaster or danger.

So the authorities will be alerted with push notifications on the smartphone and the Internet. The system is known as Alertswiss. This app is free. The canton of St.Gallen and the canton of Thurgau will also be using the new system. Therefore they recommend the free download of the app.

The app will send push notifications with tips or relevant information as what should be done in a particular emergency situation or how to act bravely. The app also features a blog where users will be able to access information on civil protection related news, recent deployments or drills and also policy and planning developments.

Alertswiss Apk Download

How to Install Alertswiss App

Once you have downloaded the Alertswiss app from the Google Play store, click on the install icon to install the app. The app is free. All the information sent through the app will be displayed on the Alertswiss website. Earlier sirens were used to inform the emergency situations to the Swiss citizens.

Alertswiss Apk Download

But sirens are no longer the most effective tools to alert the citizens. The sirens and the announcements made on the radio are no longer effective to alert the general public quickly in an emergency. Thus FOCP launched the Alertswiss app for free to alert the public. The app also boasts to reach a large number of the population through the very media they use in their daily lives. So why wait for more. Go ahead and download and install the Alertswiss apk and stay protected.