X Factor UK Apk - X-Factor is Back With Selfie Mode

X Factor UK Apk

Isn’t it great to hear that the X Factor UK Apk is back along with its app!

The All new improved X Factor UK Apk is coming back with bigger and better features including the play along polls, swing-o-meters and exciting quizzes, which will be giving you the chance to have to drop your opinions on all things on the X Factor.

You will be surely impressed by its new shiny new emoji rater and also be prepared to get ready to strike a pose as the official X Factor UK App selfie filters are also coming back! This is the only place where you will be able to prove that you are the ultimate X Factor UK Apk super fan. The brand new, shiny play along game on the X Factor will allow you to rate the contestants on their song choice, vocals, moves, and overall performance.

You will also get to keep a continuous track on your favorites along with your own personal scorecard, as you get to record who you rate and who can wait.

You will be able to see a fifth judge area in the app where you get to have your say on all things on the X Factor in the play along polls, swing-o-meters, and the quizzes.

X Factor UK Apk

Download The X Factor UK App

Do not get surprised to see that this app is absolutely free to download, where the app has got many shiny new features that is going to keep you entertained all week long! Over the weekend, you are allowed to take part in the game as the Fifth Judge and you get to react to all the auditions, get to make your predictions on who will be heading home, get a chance to test your knowledge with our all-new quizzes and swipe until are totally satisfied by the new interactive polls.

Also remember that throughout the week, the viewers or the users can easily catch the latest news and also gossip, this is actually one of the best platforms of social media and also for watching all the performances from the weekend, altogether with some cheeky ones.

Install the X Factor UK Apk

After you have downloaded the app for free, complete the process of installation.

The app is getting bigger and better than ever, and of course, we can expect updates on all X Factor UK Apk things with exclusive news, features, pictures, videos along with the best of social media from the moment the series is going to begin.

The X Factor UK App

In the app, you will get to play along with the show every weekend and you are going to love sharing your reactions as a new crop of contestants will be getting to face the Judges. There will be complete fun all week long, as you will be able to witness exclusive extras, breaking news, and also get to see all the best performances from the weekend’s show. And just wait till the live shows start when you will be able to vote for your favorite contestant with free in-app voting feature and that is where you will get to find all the songs from each show.