Jio File Manager App Download For Jio Phone

Jio File Manager App Download For Jio Phone

As we are all aware that the Jio phone has always come up with some of the best and the most affordable prices and plans for its customers. Jio phone is also the most affordable 4G Volte feature phone based on KaiOSwhich is a light operating system for smart feature phones which is now available in our country. Jio File Manager App Download For Jio Phone

This feature provides 4G connectivity to the users in just Rs.1500 which is given back to you after one year, and that makes the phone comes for free. In Jio mobile, we are able to use social apps like Facebook and WhatsApp and also we get to enjoy music, games,audio-video recording and many other such features in this. Apart from all these wonderful features of the Jio mobile now we have got the newly added feature which is the File Manager feature of the Jio phone.

Jio File Manager App Download For Jio Phone

Download the App Jio File Manager App For Jio Phone 

Do not worry, if in case you do not have the file manager app in your Jio phone, as now you are able to download the app directly into your Jio mobile without facing any difficulty.

All you need to do is go the menu and click on the settings tab. Go on to the device tab where you will see the software update. Click on that and get started and update your Jio Mobile. This will automatically start the update of the mobile and once the update is complete you will see the File Manager app in your Jio mobile.

Install Jio File Manager

If you are still unable to find the File Manager App in your device, then first open the Jio Phone Store and follow the steps. Now type File Manager App in the search bar and click on it. Now you will get a list of various File Manager apps available from which you can choose anyone and get it installed on to your device. Now you are able to use the file manager as and when required very easily.

The App:

Jio has always been surprising us with its various plans and offers at the lowest prices. Jio has also been introducing new features as and when possible for the convenience of its users. The latest in this edition of the new features is the File Manager which is one among them. Using this helpful feature of the file manager, you will be able to easily look for your images, audio files, videos files, and doc. files which you had saved into your phone memory or in the internal SD card storage of your device. With the help of this feature, now you can quickly access your files from the file manager.

Also, you will be able to search the WhatsApp text files using the file manager. The file manager also allows easy delete, copy or moving of any files from your phone. So get to use the most effective and useful app of Jio now in your Jio mobiles.