VeQR apk _ Download Now For Your Android and iOS Device

What is VeQR App?

In the rush of the apps in the recent days, where there are a huge number of gaming apps, music, video, religious, sports, currency, investment, news, photography, camera, editing, and what not, we come across hundreds of different kinds of apps that are being launched every single day and we are left in a confusion as to which app we need to download and get the best of it. VeQR apk

Now it is time to take advantage, login, download the application and sign up in order to get your social benefits from the Bolivarian Government. All you need to have is your Carnet de la Patria.

Well, the operation of the application is very simple, and we are going to discuss the app here in detail which will help you download and register.

VeQR apk

How to Download the Application VeQR.patria?

There are certain steps that are involved before you download the VeQR apk into your android devices. Just get in touch with these steps and you are all set to get downloading the apk yourself. These steps will let you able to access the new Social Plans of the Bolivarian Government.

The process of downloading and installing is very simple and there is the official website from where you can easily get the app downloaded. But unfortunately, the application for Apple’s iOS operating system has not yet been created. But the company is in the process of very soon launching the application for the App Store too.

Once you have downloaded the link from the official website of the app, all you need to do is click on the Play Store option and install the application on your Smartphone.

How to use the VeQR app?

After the successful download and the installation of the app, open the application on your Smartphone and click on the “Enter” button. Now you can enter your phone number, yes, the number that you are presently using in your smartphone in order to access the app. Now you will receive a confirmation code and then you can enter it in the application.

Now you get three options in the page. They will be the Electoral Registry, Records and the Personal. You can click on the “Records” button and just scan the QR code of your Carnet de la Patria and that is it, you are done. Now you will be able to consult the social benefits that have been assigned to you.

The Carnet de la Patria is the new mechanism used for the identifying and assigning aid and Social Missions. Thus, VeQR apk will allow you to access the best social benefits of the Government of Venezuela. All you need to do is to just download the application and register yourself and start using it. Remember to register to enjoy your socialist benefits.

“In the Venezuela QR system of the Carnet de la Patria, the application was activated in which the proposals to opt for the Bonds in Venezuela will be received and the deposits will be received in the Digital Country Purse”.