The BLOONS TD 6 at which is the latest version of the BLOONS TD Apk series is finally out and working. Unlike every other game, this game is categorized under the series of the tower defense games, and it is also under the BLOONS series. This game was initially developed as a browser game which has been built upon the Adobe Platform. This game has been produced by Ninja Kiwi and was released by 2007. With the development and advancement in series of this game, ranging from BLOONS TD 1-6 Apk, there was an advancement in the level of mobile platforms this game supported, in terms of Android, IOS, windows and the rest.

To play these game players make use of towers and road items for the sole purpose of delaying or preventing balloons from reaching the end of a set course. Balloons here is been referred to as “Bloons” in the game. Towers in this game, at some points, stall the balloons and this gives other towers time to pop the oncoming balloons. Each time a level is been completed or balloons been popped, some amount of money is made at which could be used for getting of new towers or upgrade of existing ones and in obtaining of temporary items.

Enjoy the best excitement with the use of BLOONS TD 6 Mod Apk. Make use of your intellect better, think outside the box, complete levels, earn money and explore the world of BLOONS TD 6 Apk.


BLOONS TD 6 Apk Download


Within the series of BLOONS TD Apk, the 6thversion which is the latest after being announced in March 28, 2017. And then released in the Google play storeiOS App store in order to make it easier to be downloaded. Lately the rate at which this game application has been downloaded has been fast rising. Recent updates in BTD 6.

  • This game functions with a 3D graphics and Obstacles.
  • There is a recent upgrade of two new towers, druid and Alchemist.
  • BTD 6 consists of six heroes.
  • Consists of a 5th tier and a 3rd path upgrade for every tower.
  • Updates of Bloons are, fortified Bloons, purple Bloons, and B.A.D.

In BTD 6 there has been an amazing increase in the number of heroes at which the game functions with, initially it used to be four heroes but with the latest BTD 6you are entitled to six heroes and also  there is a special tower in BTD 6 at which levels it’s self up and carries out a self-upgrade without the player putting in an input, now tell me you aren’t fascinated. BTD 6, has far more new and improved features that would keep you glued to your seat all day, playing this game. Names of the six heroes in the latest BTD series are Quincy, Gwendolin, Striker Jones, Obyn Greenfoot, Captain Churchill, Benjamin. For the moment, supposedly this game would only remain a mobile game.


Still hung up on the old Bloons TD Apk series, it’s time you downloaded the BTD 6. This content would grant you, on easy means to download this game. It is absolutely free, like every other application, you would find BTD 6 for Android on the Google Play Store, search for the file name on the search box and download. Also, the iOS app store also permits the download BLOONS TD 6 APK of this game, just search and download


This is the most awaited point. If you downloaded this Application from Google Play Store and from no other source whatsoever. Be patient, after the downloading process is complete, and automatic installation process would begin and in no time the application would be installed in your mobile phone.

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